Wednesday, October 13, 2004

IT's here!

I'm surprised! Winter in North seems to have absolutely no idea about 'subtlety'. It's southern counterpart is much more sly. You wouldn't sense it, till it has completely wrapped itself round you and this happens over a period of atleast a week. Here it appeared to have adopted a more confrontationist approach, in fact coming right in front and nipping your ankle. I can, with as much accuracy as that of an atomic clock, claim that Winter this year started on 11th of this month. Just on 10th were we perspiring like dogs climbing the two floors, ducking into the baths for a cool refresh three times a day. And lo, come 11th, the whole place became a sort of frozen fossil, mist resting heavily on the tree tops blurring the distant horizon, ice-cold water from the shower 'burning' holes in the body! Anyway, my first winter in the North and so looking forward to enjoying it to the fullest.

Sunrise or Sunset?

Friday, October 08, 2004


Have watched the first four episodes of Joey this week. Even though lacking the supporting cast of FRIENDS. Joey does try to manage on his own. But the lack of quality support is all too obvious. The sister is a bit too gawdy and obscene at times while the nephew is quite ordinary. Joey didn't have to change his style as the story line remained the same but never once did he mention the other five. Actually one advantage with the same story line is that they can bring the other five occasionally on guest roles!!!

Warning: May not be office-safe. I've known all my life that I'm the hottest, sexiest, handsomest dude around, but it's really gratifying to see a sizzling hot chick saying the same on the net! Can't believe it? Just click here. There!