Friday, April 23, 2004

I'm such a big loser!!!

I mean, I've always been aware of my uneviable knack for forgetting things but losing a company's cell phone, a key-bunch comprising of all my keys in consecutive days is just scaling new heights (or plumbing new depths, as you see it)! My perpetual scare and a recurring nightmare is walking out into the streets a la Adam.

Btw, before I forget it, I too have a gmail account! Blogger bestowed upon me this honour for being a "frequent" user! Anyway the thing looks quite interesting, though the GUI was not too enticiing, the functionality and ease of use seem to be tilting factors. And with 1 GB of space what's there to crib? Need to explore it a bit.

If you read [thrillers | mysteries | history | philosophy | Medieval Christian Theology | just-for-the-heck-of-it], you may consider leafing through Name of the Rose by Umberto Eco.

P.S: Man, the keyboard shortcuts in gmail are just what the good doctor ordered! A step towards the Utopian mice-ridden Internet!

Saturday, April 17, 2004

3-D on IMAX

Watched Into the Deep today, a 3-D movie on the giant IMAX screen. It is a 35 minute documentary on the sea life in the under-water kelp forest off the coast of California. This was my first 3-D film and the experience, quadrupled by the IMAX effect, is just wow! Had the theater authorities supplied pink top-hats too along with those huge plastic goggles, more people would understand the humiliation the circus elephants were made to undergo to satisfy our perverse thirst for entertainment.

On an entirely different note, a report in Indiatimes says that a law exists in Pakistan banning any India-bashing in its movies!! That's really surprising, when our moviemakers fail to make note of few qualities like 'prudence' and 'judgement' while making movies involving our western neighbour. Agreed that we fought three and a half wars between us and are no great buddies, but is that reason enough to feed the flame of hatred in the people, some of whom lack the basic mental faculties to distinguish a nation from a religion! One has only to look at the apparent tiff over a small change at a railway station in Gujarat that left in its wake thousands physically dead and millions mentally scarred. Having said that, I don't see much reason in Pakistan's law either, especially when other and more powerful media like textbooks and madrassas are doing a pretty good job at 'enlightening' the young Pakistani minds.

Bravery of being out of Range (Waters)

Just love those laser guided bombs
they're really great
for righting wrongs
You hit the target, win the game
from bars 3000 miles away
3000 miles away

Sir, how true!

Tuesday, April 13, 2004


I've found this interesing site called Googlism, which tells what Google thinks about the person or whatever you enter there. Pretty good for a good laugh. I've entered my own name and here are the choicest few that are returned:

  • chand is a recognized spiritual master and a practitioner of radhasoami techniques (what the hell are radhasoami techniques anyway!)

  • chand is a man whose inner strength and humble acceptance of his destiny has seen him grow and develop along with his epic creation (*blush* what can I say)

  • chand is the creator of the world's greatest visionary environment (Vision 420?)

  • chand is probably the first position to meet hitler personally (I'm greatly honoured. Hail Hitler!)

  • chand is suffering from rheumatic heart disease and needs double valve replacement with artificial heart valves under cardio (I say, dash it!)

  • chand is revered as a national hero (Some of us are just destined to be, you know!)

  • chand is well known for bringing creative business models (Though it was I who brought Cindy and Claudia, I really can't take credit for Naomi.)

  • chand is framed and lands up in jail (Isn't this an eery conincidence! I was talking about prison terms only two days back.)

  • chand is indeed famous way outside indian borders (Ain't I a poor lil famous man!)

  • chand is wealthy but also very religious and charitable (How I wish I were!)

  • chand is survived by his wife smt (Why the hell is everyone so bent on my death?)

  • chand is 27 years old and has a 10 (Ahem!)

If you want to read all about what Google thinks about me, you are most welcome in here.

Monday, April 12, 2004

The Return of The King

Brian Charles Lara is back at the top with a grand 400, wrenching his record back from Mathew Hayden. Somehow I was never really comfortable with Hayden holding the record for the highest Test innings score. Agreed, he plays a wide range of strokes with high strike rate, but he always looks like a savage barbarian out to get the bowlers, beating the hell out of them with his club. He overawes his opponents with his height and bulk of his body rather than the finesse or elegance of his much smaller counterparts like Lara or Sachin. Any bets on how long the 200 barrier in the ODI arena is going to stand?

Sunday, April 11, 2004

Breaking The Break

It was quite some time, in fact close to 40 days, since I wrote anything here. March had been a jam-packed month with lots of travel, tension and fun. It could change my life or .... at least for another year ... not! Please watch this space for more information in the coming weeks.

Have you ever been cooped up in a small room with just one small circular window high up in the wall being your only connection to the outside world? Well I have endured just that for over 1 week, when I visited my sister in Bangalore. I've often heard of savage convicts coming out as crazy lunatics after serving their prison term, and I can now perfectly empathise with them. May be it's too much to say that "I've turned over a new leaf" or even "I'm a different Man now", but I took a strong decision NOT to get caught if ever I commit a crime! Seven days in itself was close to Hell, I just can't imagine living in a single closed cell for 14 goddam years. I'd prefer a death sentence over a life sentence any day!

The only companion (all prisoners do seem to have one) that provided some solace during those Dark Days was the radio - with two (good?) FM channels. While one streamed (and repeated endlessly) the current popular indi-pop songs, the other played some vintage Hindi movie songs. Me not complaining - something is better than nothing. Btw VJing or RJing seem to have become synonymous to gibberings of a gibbon with its ass on a frying pan. I mean, they talk at breakneck speeds with little attention to clarity or sense.

The Great Indian Tamasha is round the corner and the idiot box is full of idiots talking on/about/for/against it. There are Numbers sprayed all over the screen with some of them foolishly sitting on, what looked like, buildings dotting a city's skyline while some of them enjoying themselves playing with a broken dart-board. All in all they seem to be having fun and that's what is important. It's not very often that Numbers enjoy this much of coverage on prime-time television and I don't mind them living out their short-lived glory.