Tuesday, September 30, 2003


Just finished a bull load of bull work! What a shame! Working on a coolie-equivalent work that requires nothing but a pair of robotic hands and a programmed brain!

Now that I'm done with that piece of sh*t, I've to see what more I can do before packing the bags for tommorrow's journey. Huh, bus journey is such a painful prospect, that it makes me think of shelving the whole journey business! But as some old bird remarked, we are born into an eternal bondage, first with the parents, then with school mates and so on and on..., which holds us hostage till our final bucket-kicking ceremony. Sometimes I feel the earth should be so vaaast that one human should not come into contact with a fellow human for days on end. Earth should be one HUUGGEEE forest with more loving, caring animals than these beastly humans! Sunrise seen through the rising green tree tops and not blocked by mindless, shapeless sky scrapers....morning quietness broken by birds chirping and not by ear-shattering horns.....sweet fragrance of flowers and tree bark waking you up and not pungent odour of nearby flowing industrial sewage or exhaust of the traffic!! Ahh...that beautiful dream!

I better stop dreaming and get back to the sweatshop!


Monday, September 29, 2003

Well, a motley of things!!

Finally done with bugging coding, I hope to regain some sanity and see some english in the coming updates! Well, what to say?? Life has become one Big Boring Routine! With little to look forward to on the morrow, each day wears on with such excruciatingly painful torpidity that I feel the urge to do something truly outrageous to get out of this tedium, like walking around naked in the full office view or occasionally stand on the desk and do a rock concert show or some such relieving act!

And I'm off to my homeplace, a coastal town/city, for the 4-day vacation of Dusshera. Looking back, gone are the days when a vacation used to be a vacation - a deserved haul of holidays, numbering no less than 20! Is this the price one has to pay for the adulthood??? I stongly believe that every kid has to be given a choice of either going ahead to be an adulthood -- which promises a lot in terms of enjoyment and adventure, or to stay the same -- with its pristine innocence, endless happiness and what more loooong holidays, for the rest of the life! I know it is a difficult decision to make, but given a chance, I would doubtless opt for the latter, and I'm sure most of the disillusioned chaps like myself would do the same. But I'm not in anyway seeking to undermine the advantages of youth. For someone like me, who has not taken advantage of these 'advantages' and who has no hope of doing so for at least the next few years, youth still remains a mirage, forever tantalising and eluding!

Thought for the day:
(Excuse me if the following thoughts do not exactly qualify to be put under the above title, but these are strictly meant for my private purpose :))

Anyone who has been in my acquaintance through mails would easily observe that my vocabulary is somewhat archaic and the sentences tend to be laborious and ostentatious. And plummies among them would readily see the Master's influence on my language. But I do not, in any way, claim to be good at, in the least, imitating him. Need to develop my overall language and especially improve upon my choice of words!

Well that's it for today! Good day!


Monday, September 15, 2003

I say! If any of you guys think that this guy must've gone nuts writing all this crazy stuff which, in all probability, has nothing to contribute to the posterity, excepting the net litter of course, then you are not far from truth.

If delusions are patented symptoms of split personality disorder or of Schizophrenia (Btw, why do these medico buffs use such tongue twisters to refer to pretty commonplace diseases or those becoming commonplace with some pace? Anyway I'm digressing too much from the topic...) or of any other disease, then I am suffering from each/all of them. How else could I explain the dreams that I nurtured of finishing the project last week when a whole lot of intergration and coding is left untouched?

I guess I will not be the same person that I used to be until I am done with this thing! Until then you've to see my outpourings mainly dealing with the project that I'm working on :(

Proletariat of the World, Unite!!

Friday, September 12, 2003

A huge problem...sequence button not working when creating new attribute list...need to tell Amish!

Thursday, September 11, 2003

Hurrayyy!!! My pages are working.....but only in Jdev :( Need to test them in Qapache though...It is 1.30 in the morning and here I am in the office and slugging it out with no chance of seeing my beauty sleep for atleast another hour ....


All the pages are working, but need to check if the integration works!! Wheels within wheels!!

Well, here I am ... writing something which may neither make sense nor make this a better place. Writing something because this 'Blogger' has told me to. Come to think of it, isn't this submission to the machine a prelude to their world domination?

Be that as it may, I'm here writing some useless stuff which, in all probability, is adding to the junk which already chokes the Net. But since this blogging has already made it to the local news channel, without me having not touched it with a pole, I resolved to be atleast abreast with this 'phenomenon'.

I think I should stop now and get back to my coding project..sigh!!!